May Madness - Half Price shipping to the US and Canada

The end of the spring semester is fast approaching which means just one thing for most academics. No, not summer break hanging out down by the beach sipping margheritas. But time, lots of it, to spend down the lab doing those measurements you've been dreaming about in teaching seminars all year.

Click through for half-price shipping to the US and Canada
So to help you get prepared and get a little more, er, Indium Wire or Cryogenic Wiring Loom for your buck we've halved our shipping rates to the US, Canada (and Mexico !). We can only do this until the end of June so order today and get the reduced shipping rate, or perhaps even get some more useful stuff. We'll apply the discount automatically when you check out, so you don't need to do anything else.

So when you're stuck in a sweltering lab wondering where the wiring all went wrong and why the airconditioning doesn't work, don't worry - it's just the same down the beach, but with the added risk of sunburn.

Posted by in CMR-Direct News on May 01, 2013 .

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