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The field of cryogenics has developed hugely in the last century and now requires knowledge of a wide variety of scientific disciplines from low-noise electronics through to high vacuum technology, in addition to the basics of handling liquified gases and dealing with materials whose properties can be radically different from those at room temperature.

Before the invention of the internet and other collaborative tools it could take many years of practical design exposure to acquire the knowledge to be able to develop or use cryogenic equipment with confidence.

Here we hope to make that journey quicker and slightly more enjoyable - so sit back, grab a coffee and let's begin ...

Posted by in Cryogenic Design Blog on Oct 11, 2012 .
How to make an Indium seal
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This time we're going to go over one of the most important techniques in low temperature work - using Indium wire to make cryogenic seals. There IS nothing more infuriating than having to...

Posted by in Cryogenic Design Blog on Sep 26, 2012 .
Apiezon grease selection guide

We've had a number of customers contacting us to find out which Apiezon grease to use for their particular application in Cryogenics and condensed matter research so we've put together this quick grease selection guide to help them out.

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