Free GE-Varnish - Share Something Special this summer

Ambassador, you're really spoiling us !
The response to our launch offer of Free GE-Varnish was nothing short of spectacular and caught us slightly out as our assigned offer stock had already gone after 36 hours, and we still had not contacted the last quarter of our user base. Being pragmatic we decided to double the size of the offer, and give away almost a thousand pounds of GE Varnish to our hard working customers.

These will be going out in the next few days, but there's still a few left so if you still haven't told your friends about this - point them here and we'll sort them out for varnish sharpish, like. (And it may even stop your stock from disappearing in the middle of the night.)

If you're till struggling to work out the meaning of the image above, try googling 'Ferrero Rocher Spoof' or go here, but make sure you've got into the right frame of mind by wearing some eighties power gear and are prepared to have a laugh at what used to pass as advertising back then.
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GE Varnish - for cryogenic heatsinking (100mL pot size)
  • GE Varnish traditionally used to thermally anchor wires at cryogenic temperatures (100ml pot)
  • Dissolves in ethanol
  • Curable at room tempertaure or 70 degrees celsius
  • (also known as IMI 7031, GE 7031 or VGE 7031)
  • This size only for shipping by road within mainland europe - for airmail shipping outside of this area we offer 25mL pot size

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