In aiming to make our service the best we can for condensed matter researchers we shall be introducing many new features over the coming months. When we have finished and polished these features off we'll launch them formally here. This is where you'll find all our press releases, new product launches and latest website developments.

However, for those who consider this approach too standard for an innovation-led business we invite you to join us on facebook and twitter. There we can present and talk through the new products and services we are developing and where we can find out what it is that YOU think could be most helpful in your research work.

We are always happy to chat, communicate and collaborate as it is what makes working with the condensed matter community always so rewarding.

Posted by in CMR-Direct News on May 01, 2013 .
May Madness - Half Price shipping to the US and Canada The end of the spring semester is fast approaching which means just one thing for most academics. No, not summer break hanging out down by the beach sipping margheritas. But time, lots of it, to spend down the lab doing those measurements you've...

Posted by in CMR-Direct News on Jul 31, 2012 .
New measurement cable ranges off-the-shelf Following customer demand we're pleased to introduce our new range of ready-made measurement cables.

We're aware that in many laboratories cables are used on multiple experimental setups and by many users - so need to be absolutely reliable....

Posted by in CMR-Direct News on Jun 14, 2012 .
Free GE-Varnish - Share Something Special this summer
The response to our launch offer of Free GE-Varnish was nothing short of spectacular and caught us slightly out as our assigned offer stock had already gone after 36 hours, and we still had not contacted the last quarter of our user base. Being...

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The Social Media Challenge for a new webstore

Back in 2002 we first started selling consumables and components for low temperature research the world was a very different place. Online commerce was only just getting into its stride and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter...

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