Excellent Service

Thank you for supplying the items that we needed which are unavailable to us here on the other side of the planet. The researchers that I purchase goods for on a daily basis are appreciative of your product portfolio.
Nick Theobald
University of Otago
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Unpressurised LN2 Dewars
We have a three sizes of unpressurised vessel for liquid nitrogen use. These are ideal for smaller amounts of liquid nitrogen storage and dispensing in individual laboratories. Using a tiltable stand it is possible to pour the liquid into an insulated bucket for transfer to your equipment.
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Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar - 25 litre volume

406mm body diameter. 610mm height. Evaporation rate of 0.7 litres per day. Transport and tip with the ES25 Trolley. ...

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar - 35 litre volume

406mm body diameter. 745mm height. Evaporation rate of 0.9 litres per day. Dewar tipping stand available. ...

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewar - 50 litre volume

406mm body diameter. 950mm height. Evaporation rate of 1.1 litres per day. Dewar tipping stand and roller base available.....

Pouring Trolley - for the ES25 vessel

Pouring Trolley suitable for the ES25 liquid nitrogen vessel. ...

Roller Base - for all ES series vessels

Roller Base suitable for all ES range storage dewars. ...


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