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Cryoloom® - Cryogenic Woven Loom
Woven loom (also known as cryogenic ribbon cable) has, in the last 10 years, been proven as the most rugged cryogenic wiring available.

Our woven loom ranges, known as Cryoloom®, are available in 2 or 12-pairs in Constantan, Copper, BeCu, Manganin and NbTi wire (superconducting loom) and are woven with non-melting PEEK yarn.

We make all our Cryoloom® in house and can therefore offer both the widest range and best pricing online.
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2-pair Niobium-Titanium Loom - priced per metre

2 twisted pairs Cupro-nickel clad Niobium Titanium wiring loom. 100 micron di, 52 ohms/m approx. in non superconducting state. Id...


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