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Very happy with fast and efficient order processing on a wide range of useful products, particularly the woven looms for DC wiring. It's great that I can get a superconducting loom with only a few days delivery to my office. A much smoother, more professional experience than I've had with many cryogenics supplies companies.
Gary Steele
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Dow Corning High vacuum grease - (50 gram tube)

Non melting grease for lubricating and sealing joints in high vacuum systems. Excellent heat stability from 233K to 473K. Traditi...

Liquid Helium Storage Dewar - 120 litre volume

640mm diameter. 1560mm height. 1.2% per day evaporation rate. ...

Liquid Helium Storage Dewar - 240 litre volume

850mm diameter. 1625mm height. 0.8% per day evaporation rate. ...

Liquid Helium Storage Dewar - 30 litre volume

540mm diameter. 1175mm height. 2.8% per day evaporation rate. ...

Liquid Helium Storage Dewar - 60 litre volume

640mm diameter. 1250mm height. 1.7% per day evaporation rate. ...

Rubber pressurisation bladder - for Helium transfers

For pressurising Helium dewars during transfers. Bore on stem - fits maximum 9mm tube. ...

Silicone Rubber Tubing - for cold exhaust gases - 5m length

6.3mm Bore 3.2mm Wall. Can be pumped without collapsing. Survives cold cryogen gas much better than standard rubber tubing. ...


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