New measurement cable ranges off-the-shelf

Following customer demand we're pleased to introduce our new range of ready-made measurement cables.

We're aware that in many laboratories cables are used on multiple experimental setups and by many users - so need to be absolutely reliable. All our measurement cables are professionally made and individually tested and certificated, so you spend your time taking measurements and not tracking down trivial shorts or open-circuits.

For cryostat or experimental chamber connection we can offer 24-way cable assemblies using our individually shielded 12-pair ultra-flexible K24 cable. These are available in multiple lengths with an FP24XL-P large body connector at one end should you be wiring the cable into your own breakout box or measurement housing.

FP24 cable with FR24  hermetic connectors.

Alternatively the cable can be connectorised at both ends to provide a fully demountable solution - useful (for example as has been done with these cables at the UK's National Physical Laboratory) when taking low-noise lines to and from the filtered feedthroughs in the wall of an RF-shielded room. The FP24XL-P connectors mate to our hermetically sealed FR24-S connector which encapsulated and sealed as it is with viton O-rings provides Helium leak rates better than 10^-8mbar.l/s.

Further down the measurement chain where signals are separated and handled individually at the measurement rack we provide cables based upon our shielded twisted-pair B2 cable. Unlike coaxial cables this type of cable provides both positive and negative signal lines with the same electrostatic shielding and impedance to ground - reducing respectively signal crosstalk and common mode pickup.

These measurement rack cables are available in a variety of lengths terminated at both ends with low-noise SP2 connectors. These cable connectors connect to similarly shielded SR2 panel mounted receptacles so the whole approach is ideal for providing low-noise shielded interconnects between different pieces of measurement apparatus at the measurement rack stage. Should ground loop problems need to be addressed the cable shields can be disconnected from one or both connector housings.

Our standard wiring arrangements are shown in the wiring tables available for download on each product page but should you require something different we can make custom cables with customer-specific lengths or wiring configurations.

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