Payment Information

CMR-Direct offers two methods of paying for an online order which you can select from at checkout  

  •  You can pay online via credit or debit card: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, JCB and Maestro hosted by Stripe.
  • OR, in the USA, Europe and UK there are also direct-bank transfer options offered, respectively:  ACH, SEPA and BACS, also hosted by Stripe.

    If you wish to pay by credit card please note that this website is hosted on a secure connection as indicated by the presence of the CMR security certificate (to the left) – this certifies that this website is indeed hosted by us, Hertford Developments Ltd, trading as CMR-Direct, in the UK.

    The card details are stored in a fully encrypted way by our payment processor, Stripe, and are not accessible to us. These payment details are stored in a tokenised form so that we can offer you the service of being able to easily reselect a previously authorised card to pay for subsequent orders.

    Your card will be charged at the point of authorisation in the exact amount in the currency shown. Your card statement will show this transaction as being made by Hertford Developments Ltd. If we are unable to ship immediately, due to a product being a custom one or out of stock, we will notify you about the expected shipment date.

Your statutory rights are unaffected and all displayed prices are exclusive of UK VAT. In order to keep processing costs economic we have a minimum order goods value of GBP 45.00.