Needed Stycast Urgently

We were out of stycast epoxy with no idea where to get the similar product. CMR did its best. In less than one week we got it! Note, it was not in stock and we reside in Holland! Thanks a lot.
Sergey Mitko
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Cryogenic Gloves
Our ranges of cryogenic gloves have been developed to give contact protection down to -125°C against freezer burn and frostbite. We have a number of lengths available:
  • Wrist Length - The recommended gloves for liquid nitrogen handling have a wrist seal to prevent splashes entering the glove.
  • Mid-arm length (sometimes known as a gauntlet)  - extends up and provides protection from cold to mid-way up the forearm.
  • Elbow length - give further protection for when working in deep vessels or refrigerators.
  • Shoulder length - maximum arm protection, up past the elbow.
When retrieving or placing products in liquid nitrogen atmospheres, we recommend waterproof cryogenic gloves as these are less porous to the cold gas.

Please see our cryogenic gloves selection guide video below for further assistance in choosing exactly the right gloves for your application:

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